financing services


equipment Leasing:

If you use it to conduct business, we can help you lease it.  Customers benefit by conserving cash, preserving lines of credit and realizing tax deductible benefits.  We offer competitive quotes from the best funders in the country. Most of all, we make the process fast, easy and efficient for the client.


small business financing:

Small business loans to finance the cost of purchasing or improving land and buildings used for commercial purposes; purchasing new or existing renovations to premises occupied by the business as a tenant; purchasing or improving new or used equipment (including commercial vehicles).


factoring accounts receivable:

When traditional means of borrowing are not available, we step in to purchase your receivables giving you almost instant access to the capital you need.  We provide full or spot factoring on a full notification, full recourse basis. We can also finance foreign receivables, which typically most banks will not.  Customers use Accounts Receivable factoring to free up valuable cash.


PURCHASE order financing:

Where suppliers, be they domestic or foreign, require a Letter of Credit we can help. This is offered in conjunction with the factoring of your receivables.  If you have purchase orders from creditworthy customers we can supply you with all the working capital you need to purchase the product from your supplier and finance the receivable from your customer.