A client Profile story - equipment lease financing


In these tighter economic times, leasing is a great financial tool to obtain the needed products or solutions today. This will preserve cash and existing lines of credit that are critical in today’s economic climate. And, there are tax deduction benefits associated with leasing. A low monthly payment plan can help to make a decision sooner rather than waiting for capital budget to be allocated.




Company expands with new office location. The project was approximately $150,000 including all services, office equipment and systems required for the new office.



Affiliated Financial Services (AFS) provided credit approval and arranged financing for the entire project. Project requirements were coordinated with the Facility Manager and IT Manager. AFS issued vendor purchase orders and communicated delivery schedules to the client. AFS processed timely vendor payment with completion of work at various stages of the project.


Additional Client Benefits:

AFS worked as an additional resource for the client in placing and coordinating vendor orders. Assistance was provided to streamline paperwork and documentation with vendors. Payment is simplified to a single low monthly amount rather than an outlay of $150,000.

What was leased:

1) contractor services

2) paint, carpet

3) signage

4) office furniture

5) telephone system

6) audio-visual equipment

7) computer hardware

8) software

9) printer

What else can be leased?:

1) A/C unit for server rooms

2) artwork

3) defibrillators

4) cappuccino machines

5) coffee machines

6) dental/medical equipment

7) filing/storage systems

8) lighting systems

9) mailroom equipment

10) security systems

11) UPS systems, and, just about anything used to conduct business

For direct customers:

AFS will work with any of your suppliers or vendors to arrange lease financing.

For product vendors and solution providers?:

AFS works with vendors that need to provide a lease finance option. We work seamlessly to process all necessary lease documents so that your sales team can focus on generating new business. Combined with very competitive rates, our success has been built on superior customer service that provides the fastest customer approvals and quickest vendor payments in the industry.

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